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Common Questions

What is Prayer?

Prayer in interacting with God. Bringing your heart (thoughts, burdens, needs, concerns and emotions) to Him and listening to His heart for you and others. Prayer is declaring His word and asking for deep understanding. Prayer is choosing a relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

What is Community?

The Christian community is simply those who love Jesus and live in fellowship with each other. Its a unified position of receiving and understanding God’s love for us, discerning His will and living out His word together. Together we are becoming the expression of God’s heart!

What is Culture?

Samuel’s Bridge defines culture as the values and beliefs of a community of people lived out in their behaviors and practices.  A core to Samuel’s Bridge’s culture is our 5 practices.  These elements will give you a glimpse of how we operate together as a community.

What is Intercession?

Intercession is a very common type of prayer.  To intercede literally means to “stand in the gap”.  When it comes to prayer, we can “stand in the gap” for others in a number of ways.  This includes praying about a specific person for healing, salvation, forgiveness, protection, and other needs or situations.


However, in order to intercede well, we need to know how to listen to God’s Spirit.  Taking time to listen and discern what God has to say will connect us so much closer to His will for the situation, making our prayers more effective. 


This is where Samuel’s Bridge comes in.  We help individuals and organizations learn how to listen and discern from God and His Word, which in turn makes for more effective intercession.  A better listener makes a better intercessor.

What is Discernment?

Samuel's Bridge considers this the act of perceving God's Will without personal bias and reflecting on what we hear from God as He provides guidance and understanding while we wait and listen.


The gift of discernment is the ability to hear from God as we wait and listen for his direction.

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