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Mind Whispering

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

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Mind Whispering - Samuel's Bridge Devotional

Neuroscience has shown that our thoughts create pathways in our brains that help foster future thoughts. This means we need to intentionally choose the pathways our thoughts take, rather than allowing them to go however life or other influences determine for us. As human beings, we can think about what we think about (metacognition)—that’s why God tells us to take thoughts captive. And we take thoughts captive by assigning new meaning to them.

We’re on a spiritual battleground, and the battle goes on between our emotions and our thinking. In the battle, we can believe the way we think is good, when actually it’s harmful to us—just like how kids think dandelions are beautiful flowers when actually they’re weeds~ excerpts from Renew bible study and Whisper Ministries (mind whispering).

Renewing our minds helps us see God’s goodness and abundance in our lives. It leads us to become more influential in God’s kingdom, enabling us to do what we are called to do as disciples and intercessors.

God calls all Christians to renew their mind. It is a necessary and normal part of our daily walk with God.

Renewing our minds is a process in which we partner with God to uproot lies that keep us from experiencing God’s best for our lives. I call it Mind Whispering: the art of replacing the lies with truth.

God has given us supernatural powerful tools (The living Word, the Holy Spirit, and the fruit of the Spirit) to help us renew our thinking. This is an ongoing process.

We can ALLOW our emotions to take us to past thoughts and experiences that build a case against our destiny. Our emotions are real (literally chemical molecules) and can be convincing in a current situation. We can actually lose up to 75% of our ability to reason when we “give into” emotion and allow stress/worry (cortisol) to have power. Our brains cannot tell the difference between a real crisis and an emotional crisis so cortisol in released and floods our system. It can literally take 2 hours for our body to recover after a stressful episode. The word of God is our sword and it strengthens our mind. When we begin to use the word (truth) to transform our minds, we get results.

meditate on these verses this week and recognize your emotional triggers. Are there areas that need attention?

Process with the Lord and raise the banner of faith. Let us learn to go deeper in Faith that renews the mind and brings us into one accord.

Jesus is Lord!

Romans 12:2

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Ephesians 4:20–24

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